GCSE Results

GCSE Results

Following our fantastic A level results last week, we are delighted to celebrate further outstanding academic success at Great Wyrley Academy!

There has been a significant improvement in every single government measure this year; 50% of students got the ‘standard pass’ English and Maths measure (a 10% increase from 2018) and 25% of students got the new ‘strong pass’ measure. The top individual performer was Charlotte Harper who amongst her tremendous results scored perfect grade 9s in Biology, Chemistry, Physics and Geography as well as a Distinction* in Business Studies.

Headteacher Ian Moreton said, “Indications are that we have made over 3 tenths improvement on the most important Progress 8 measure this year. This puts us amongst the most improved schools in the region and likely the whole of the country. I am incredibly proud of the students and staff who worked tirelessly to make this possible.”

We have a fantastic set of results this year and wish to congratulate all our students on their impressive success and hard work. We look forward to welcoming them into our sixth form.

This has been an exceptional year for Great Wyrley Academy and represents a huge improvement in our first year as a part of Windsor Academy Trust.