Knowledge Organiser

Welcome to our Learner Rucksack Zone. From September 2020 we launched the student Learner Rucksack with all students in Years 7 and 8. This metaphorical analogy is in support of our students becoming the very best learners they can be in every lesson, every day.

Within their learner rucksacks we hope to pack the following key learner skills:

  • Organisation
  • Becoming unstuck
  • Self quizzing
  • Feedback
  • Collaboration
  • Great Talk

We believe that these key learner skills are the very essence of being a self regulated learner both in school and in the outside world.

One of the tools that we have equipped students with in order to support them in their learning journey is a Great Wyrley Academy Knowledge Organiser. Each student has their own copy of the knowledge organiser; they must carry it with them at all times and have it present for every lesson. Within the knowledge organiser is all of the key information that the students will need for the subjects that they are studying. 

Teachers will set the students weekly remote learning tasks that will help embed the knowledge in their long term memories. Students will need to apply a self quizzing technique to ensure that the new knowledge is secured so that students can retrieve it when they need to.

On this webpage you will find some helpful tips and videos to support your children in using their knowledge organiser effectively.

Click here to view the Knowledge Organiser Rationale